Motorbike Accident Claims

If you have been involved in a Motorbike Accident, you need prompt and efficient attention. You need a replacement motorcycle, often treatment, and help with your insurance claim forms. We can provide all of this assistance and much more. You do not need to be left alone to cope, take some help from the experts.

Types of Motorcycle Accidents

Whatever the nature of your motorcycle accident, you can be confident that our expert motorcycle accident solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you receive the right amount of compensation as quickly as possible, along with treatment and replacement bike hire.

Defective Roads

Whilst there is no precise measurement for proving that the size of a road defect is severe enough to justify a claim for compensation, one inch is a good starting point. This is the size needed to prove a tripping accident. If you can establish that there is an inch or more of defect which has caused you to have an accident, you have a claim worth investigating.

The next step, and an incredibly urgent and important one, is to ensure that you take photographs of the scene of the accident BEFORE the local authority repairs it. If the police attend, ensure you point out any defects to them as they will include them in their report which will be incredibly powerful evidence for your claim.

Once you have covered this point, the next stage is to discover whether the local authority has regularly inspected the road in question and if they had, had they spotted the defect. Your 1stClaims motorcycle solicitor will deal with these issues for you.

Objects Left On The Highway

Being on two wheels you are much more liable to suffer injury if you collide with an object left on the highway. These can be there for a number of reasons, from diesel spillages to shredded tyre casings and other objects that have quite literally fallen off the back of a lorry.

The important evidence required on these occasions is "who caused the spillage" or "who left the obstacle on the road"? If you have just been involved in the accident ask every witness at the scene if they saw the accident fall, or if they saw the road contractors that had been working there. This evidence is absolutely vital and can be the difference between success or failure of your motorcycle accident claim.

Once again, your 1stClaims expert motorcycle accident claim solicitor will deal with all of these points for you, but you must contact us as soon after the accident as possible to ensure we have the best chance of pursuing a successful claim for you.

Motorbike Accident Claim Benefits

1stClaims connect you with expert motorcycle accident solicitors. In addition to this, we have arranged UK wide provision of additional free benefits to all of our motorcycle accident clients. Please explore the benefits below to see how we can look after you.

Benefits Available To You As A 1stClaims Client

The following benefits are available to you as a 1stClaims client

  • Free Replacement Motorbike Hire Across UK
  • Equipment replacement
  • Free Private Medical Treatment
  • No Win No Fee Solicitors (NOTE: If your case is successful your Solicitor will deduct up to a maximum of 25% of your final settlement or compensation award as payment for their fees. You can find out more about No Win No Fee arrangements and the potential costs that can be incurred by clicking here.)

Free Replacement Motorcycle Hire

We work with some of the UK's largest motorcycle hire providers to ensure that you can obtain a replacement vehicle of the same or similar specification to your own. We understand that your choice of bike is personal and you need a similar replacement.

Motorcycle Helmet

Not only can we provide you with a motorbike of equivalent specification to your own, we also provide you with a replacement helmet. If you keep the motorcycle hire for more than a few days, you even get to keep the helmet.

Private Medical Treatment

1stClaims have a UK wide group of medical experts waiting to treat you for any injuries sustained as a result of your accident. If you are pursuing a claim with one of our expert personal injury solicitors, they will be able to arrange treatment for you as part of your claim.

Physiotherapy, Chiropractic or something else?

Whatever your injuries, from a punctured lung to serious breaks and bruising, it is more often than not the case that early treatment will lead to an improvement both in the short term and the longer term. solicitor will early on in your case ask a medical expert to examine you and see if there is any treatment you could receive which would help you.

The medical expert will discuss the options available to you and advise you on the best form of treatment for you.

Four wheels safer than two? Why motorcyclists are more at risk of accidents on the road.

Unless you ride a motorcycle regularly, it’s difficult to appreciate just how enjoyable the experience really is. And just how much more vulnerable two wheeled drivers are as compared to those in cars.

A motorcycle by its very design is inherently unstable whilst stationary, but completely stable when in motion. The trouble comes when something interrupts the momentum of the motorcycle, such as another vehicle, a slippery surface or even something as trivial as a crisp packet in the middle of the road.

The ‘footprint’ of a motorcycle tyre is only the same size as a credit card. The footprint is the area of tyre rubber that is in contact with the road whilst the motorcycle is moving, particularly when going around corners. So it is obvious that the slightest thing can disturb this precarious balancing act and cause the motorcycle to lose grip. When this happens, the chances are that the rider and bike are about to part company. Even something as random as wet leaves can be a hazard to a motorcycle, particularly if the vehicle is ‘banked’ over (leaning) as it goes into a corner.

Motorcycle rider training is now far more intensive than in previous years, so anyone who took their motorcycle test after 1995 is going to have far more initial training than older riders who may have taken their test many years ago. Experience on the road really does count for everything, and motorcyclists are probably far more aware of their own vulnerability than car drivers, primarily because the only thing protecting a rider from the road is a safety helmet, quick reactions and a good pair of gloves.

Injuries to motorcyclists on the road tend to be far more serious because they do not have the advantage of a range of safety features that are incorporated into cars. There are no airbags on a motorcycle to cushion the blow. Contact with another vehicle will inevitably lead to some kind of injury, purely because the rider has no other form of protection from impact. The instances of serious head and neck injuries amongst motorcyclists is disproportionately high, again because of the lack of any form of protection other than a safety helmet.

Ask any motorcyclist what the greatest threat to their safety on the road is and they will invariably reply, “Other road users!” The awareness of the presence of motorcyclists by other vehicles is often poor, with the commonest excuse being, “I just didn’t see him.” To try and combat this, motorcyclists incorporate ‘hi-viz’ products into protective clothing and safety helmets and tend to ride with the main headlight on, to increase their visibility to other road users. Their profile is half that of a car, so it is unsurprising that other vehicles do not see a motorcyclist until it’s too late. Motorcycles are also quicker and more manoeuvrable than cars, and so can change their road position in a second. Again, this reduces their visibility to other drivers, who may not even be aware that a motorcycle is passing them until the bike has moved in front of their car.

Motorcycle accidents rarely happen without injury of some kind to the rider. In some cases, the fault may not be with the rider, but with a third party. If a rider has been injured in a road traffic accident, talking to a personal injury lawyer may help to take some of the pain out of the incident. Vehicle insurance covers motorcycles in exactly the same way as cars, but unlike car drivers, motorcyclists are more likely to suffer personal injury and not just damage to the vehicle. This is where personal injury claims can compensate a rider who has to take time off work, for example, to recover from injuries sustained during an accident. A discussion with an experienced personal injury solicitor who specialises in motorcycle accident claims is advised.

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