Suing A Hospital

Medical Negligence in Hospitals

When you are admitted to hospital you expect to receive a level of service and care that will ensure that you are put on the road to recovery from your injury or illness as soon as possible. Very often, this is the case and patients do receive a high level of care and treatment from the NHS whose expertly qualified staff do everything they can to provide a level of treatment which will diagnose or treat the injury or illness that the patient is suffering. On some occasions, however, an act or omission and/or negligence on the part of the NHS can lead to further injury or illness for the patient and may be entitled to claim compensation.

Hospital Negligence Claims

There are many reasons why people choose to sue a hospital. These include misdiagnosis of an injury or illness (for example, a misdiagnosis of cancer or an undiagnosed broken ankle), an operation which has been performed inadequately, a caesarean section which has gone wrong, delays or misjudgements during labour leading to illness or injury of the baby, failed sterilisation or vasectomy, brain injury and dental negligence.

If you can prove that the injury or illness you are suffering from has been caused by the negligence of the medical professionals who were treating you then you may be able to pursue a successful claim for compensation. You should keep a record of all of your medical appointments and make an appointment with an expert medical negligence solicitor.

It is important to realise that medical negligence claims often be very complex. Generally, you have three years from the date upon which the negligent act or omission by the medical professional is identified as being the cause of your illness or injury, in which to bring a claim.

Examples of cases in which our 1stClaims solicitors have successfully obtained compensation on behalf of their medical negligence clients include:

  • Misdiagnosis of a serious injury or illness by the hospital staff;
  • Failure to x-ray a broken or fractured bone;
  • Administering an incorrect dosage of medication;
  • Failing to administer treatment in time to prevent symptoms deteriorating;
  • Injuries caused to a mother or newborn baby during childbirth;
  • Operations carried out inadequately or unsafely;
  • Brain injuries caused by a lack of oxygen being administered.

When you ask 1stClaims to help you pursue a hospital negligence claim you can be sure that your case will be dealt with by a specialist hospital negligence claim solicitor.

Your expert solicitor will answer any questions you may have about pursuing a hospital negligence claim and will advise you on your chances of pursuing a successful claim and obtaining compensation.

What are the Costs?

1stClaims does not charge you for using our service and all initial enquiries with our Solicitors are also free of charge, so rest assured, this initial step of making an enquiry will not cost you anything.

Once one of our Solicitors has assessed the merits of your enquiry they will make a judgement on the likely chances of bringing a successful claim and if the prospects are good, they will normally offer to take your case on a No Win No Fee basis. NOTE: If your case is successful your Solicitor will deduct up to a maximum of 25% of your final settlement or compensation award as payment for their fees. You can find out more about No Win No Fee arrangements and the potential costs that can be incurred by clicking here.

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Can We Help You?

Our expert 1stClaims solicitors specialise in dealing with hospital negligence claims and have helped many innocent victims of medical negligence pursue successful claims against the hospital where they received treatment.

1st Claims will be able to help you with your hospital negligence claim whether you are claiming against a private healthcare provider or against the NHS. It may be appropriate to sue a hospital for negligence rather than an individual if it is the case that multiple failings, rather than the actions of only one negligent person, have caused you or a member of your family harm.

If you are confused about the treatment you have received (or lack of it) and confused about your options then call us on0800 2888 693 or complete our Suing A Hospital enquiry form to be advised of your options. All initial enquiries are free of charge and your solicitor will talk to you in depth about all of your funding options.

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How Do I Claim Against A Hospital?

If you think you have been a victim of medical negligence and are thinking of suing a hospital, you should together as much information as possible to support your potential claim. This can include medical notes, x-rays, records of telephone conversations and your own detailed account of events. Medical negligence can be an extremely complex area of law and suing a hospital is not always straightforward. However, if you have a strong case to show that the hospital staff treating you have been negligent then you deserve to be compensated for the injury or illness you have sustained as a result of that negligence. Usually with medical negligence and personal injury claims you have three years from the date of the accident or incident in which to pursue a claim. Often, however, in medical negligence cases the three year time limit starts from the date upon which the cause of the injury or illness being suffered by the victim was identified as being the negligent act or omission of the treating medical professional.

So, how to sue the hospital: the process is very simple in terms of your input. Your 1st Claims lawyer will deal with all the complexities of making a hospital negligence claim. All you need to do to sue a hospital for negligence is the following:-

  1. Call 1st Claims for a free consultation - our advisors will be able to let you know whether you have grounds for a viable claim. The sooner you can call us, the better. We can talk to the individual who has been a victim of negligence directly, or we can talk to someone on behalf of a victim of hospital negligence.
  2. Keep a record - keep a record of the progression of your injuries and of any expenses you incur due to the hospital's negligence. E.g. travel costs or prescription costs. All of this information will serve to substantiate your claim and ensure you get the full compensation amount that you are due.

When your lawyer is dealing with suing the hospital for negligence, they will need to prove that the negligent actions of the hospital directly caused you harm. If your lawyer can prove this causal link you should receive a sum of medical negligence compensation for your injuries. This will be calculated by looking at the extent of your injuries and at any financial losses you incurred.


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