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Unnecessary Surgery In Britain

Unnecessary surgery is sometimes seen as a minor inconvenience, or even a sensible precautionary measure.

In fact, unnecessary surgery can be a serious risk and sometimes a doctor can even be found medically negligent for carrying out a surgical procedure that was unwarranted.

Unnecessary surgery is not incentivised by in the same way across all healthcare systems, but in any healthcare system you care to name unnecessary surgery is still an issue too many people come up against.

Is Unnecessary Surgery Medical Negligence?

This really depends on the context.

If you’ve had unnecessary surgery, check to see if the usual standards of medical negligence apply.

Sometimes medical standards do change, and what was once acceptable or standard procedure becomes unacceptable, or vice-versa. Preventative surgeries in particular are often contra-indicated by the latest research if they have limited or few benefits.

Unnecessary surgery may be a result of improper or negligent diagnosis. In this case, unnecessary surgery could be a factor that increases the physical injury and psychiatric injury caused by a misdiagnosis. This in turn could increase the size of the damages you are entitled to.

Here are some of the most common unnecessary surgeries – note that this article does not constitute medical advice.

Unnecessary Hysterectomies

Hysterectomies are often carried out for benign diseases in women who are too young for preventative hysterectomies. This is almost always inappropriate and unnecessary surgery.

Unnecessary hysterectomies can be especially upsetting because, as well as the risk of physical pain and trauma; the ability to have children can be taken away from a mother forever. This can cause additional psychiatric damage, and is entirely unacceptable.

If you think you’ve had an unnecessary hysterectomy, get in touch and we will see if you have a case.

Unnecessary Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomies used to be standard procedure when a young child regularly had infections from tonsillitis.

Now, the position is far more nuanced, and the complications from tonsillectomies are better recognised.

In 2006, it was revealed that unnecessary tonsillectomies cost the NHS £21 million per year.

If you’ve suffered harm from an unnecessary tonsillectomy, get in touch with 1stClaims to see if you could claim damages.

Unnecessary Back Surgery For Spinal Fusion

Lower back pain is often caused by problems with the spinal muscles, which doesn’t necessarily imply that you need surgery, certainly not for spinal fusion.

In the journal Spinal Neurology International, over 274 patients had their medical records thoroughly assessed. More than 17% of these patients had no abnormal radiographic or neurological findings anywhere in their records.

It is believed that many cases of back surgery are unnecessary.

If you have suffered negative effects from unnecessary back surgery, you could be entitled to claim damages.

Other Unnecessary Surgery

Britain has had issues with unnecessary mastectomies, while two thirds of appendectomies have been claimed to be totally unnecessary.

If you’re in doubt over whether your surgery was really necessary, and you’ve suffered physically or in psychiatric terms because of your surgery, it could be worth giving us a call.


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