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How To Stay Healthy At Work

Identify and avoid the most common harmful practices at your workplace with our guide.

Make simple but effective changes to your working patterns and suggest improvements to the health and safety culture where possible.

Every Little Helps

Image by Ben Dalton
It’s impossible to overstate this; every little change you can make does help. If you’re sitting, try standing every now-and-then. If you stand, stretch. If you stretch regularly, try walking in to work. If you take the lifts, take the stairs. Lunchtime is a great opportunity for a relaxed walk, or even a jog if you’re feeling up to it.

Not only do these steps help your health directly, they make taking further steps to improve your health seem far more achievable.

By starting with simple, easy steps like standing up occasionally, you can make sure you don’t feel exhausted and drained at the end of every day.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is important, as dehydration hurts your health as well as your ability to concentrate and work effectively.

One simple trick to keep your water levels up (other than constant trips to the tea room) is to fill up a two litre bottle with water and take regular drinks throughout the day.

It’s obvious, but few people actually do it, making it a great step to take.


Stress can be caused by an unhelpful or toxic work environment, but there are ways to tackle it yourself.

First, stop thinking of things in termsĀ  of ‘tackling’ them, especially when your mental health is at stake. The more you worry about your stress levels, the worse they will get.

Secondly, manage your workload. Make sure you know how much you can handle, and don’t take on more work than you can manage.

Finally, be sure to take any issues around bullying and victimisations to your superiors in the first instance, and to a trustworthy solicitor if this should fail to improve things.

Common Issues

Most common work health issues, such as back pain, RSI and headaches, can be solved by applying these common sense ideas to your daily working life.

Colds can be prevented by making sure you’re not working in an open plan office, that you and your co-workers take any sick days whenever possible, and that you continue to stay hydrated and healthy.

You should also learn to lift things in a way that puts no pressure on your back, but it may be your employer’s responsibility to make sure you’re not trying to lift too much weight.

What If Your Boss Won’t Listen?

If your boss doesn’t listen to you, or doesn’t allow you to make these changes, your health may deteriorate in a way that means you might need to seek damages.

If this happens, seeking out a solicitor could help you receive the compensation you’re entitled to.


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